Unique Profitability Opportunities

Upon opening any store or business, the ultimate goal beyond growth is profitability. In order to attain growth, profitability must be the first goal. If the first goal is not reached, how can the next be reached legitimately? It cannot. You will need to seek a business opportunity with a lower startup cost and this clearly points to franchise purchases. For franchises like a UPS store profitability at an early stage is probable because of the support given by the parent company. At first this sounds like a low rung on a ladder to some. “If I cannot have my empire, than I do not want someone else’s empire.” This is all well and good, but stepping stones were developed for a reason: so one would not trip and fall.

The cogitating business person is looking to start a business and is coming up with no ideas. Virgin martini becomes real martini at the bar. Person steps over with a business proposition and proposes the idea of a business franchise purchase to enter business ownership. “What exactly is that?” You ask. Naturally, this person has an agenda, but they are offering you a ground level opportunity to own a business from the beginning so you can learn all of the workings of owning a business. Meanwhile, you learn about profits and the art of profitability. They offer you a card. You take it.


The following day, you call this person and meet for coffee, only to discover how legitimate this actually is. There are businesses in operation as franchises and many of them are for sale. Active businesses producing profits are waiting to be sold and you are the buyer waiting to make it happen. Guess what just happened? You found your first opportunity. Do your research. Stick with reputable industries, particularly service oriented industries. There is profound profitability to be gained with such purchases. Make your move.